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Capturing the Year in a Jar

I started preserving a few summer staples to extend the seasons, but that was well before I realized how many flavors I could capture in a Jar.


Here is just a sampling of what I have captured in a jar, you can click on the image and it will take you to the listing on my Etsy store or to see my whole store just highlight the web address below and right click open link


Fresh produce deserves to be savored and saved. Thank you for stopping by, Enjoy!



Everything's Coming Up Roses


The concept of "having a garden with roses" as opposed to "having a rose garden" comes down to a simple question: To compete or Not to compete.  I choose to compete but enjoy all roses. Modern roses are bred for showy flowers and often grown for exhibition.  Old Garden Roses have a diversity of form that lend them very well to the garden.  In this way, when the roses are in bloom, the garden is beautiful, but even when the roses are not in bloom the garden is beautiful.  A diversity of roses ensures continuity of beauty over time and reduces the burden of any one rose to be perfect all the time.

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